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Andrew Korson is a bit of a renaissance man. His primary vocation is a professional photographer and content creator, but he has been known to occasionally moonlight as a zamboni driver, small business owner, auto mechanic, university tutor, and all around handyman. Needless to say, it has been an interesting path to photography and to Aotearoa New Zealand. It all started when his wife called to say she was offered a position at a university in Finland. Naturally, he agreed to the trans-oceanic move … but with one condition: that he could buy a camera and document their travels. So, a few months later, they packed up four very full suitcases and traded Michigan’s Great Lakes for the Arctic North of Finland. The next couple years were spent exploring the land of Northern Lights and the European subcontinent. Photographing in Finland was not always easy. Imagine trying to get your fingers to work properly in -30 degrees celsius or prevent your breath from fogging up and freezing on your camera. Despite the extreme winter conditions, Andrew’s passion for photography carried him through to the equally amazing long summer days of nearly 23 hours of sunlight. Two years into their Finnish adventure, Andrew’s wife was offered another job in Auckland. Not one to turn down an opportunity to explore yet another incredible place, Andrew happily packed up and shipped out. Armed with years of self-taught photography skills and some serious time logged on Lightroom/Photoshop, Andrew thought he might try sharing his hard earned knowledge with other creatives and hobbyists keen to learn more about their cameras. After the move he began teaching workshop around Auckland. A hometown business aimed at offering high quality video, photo, and editing workshops for both fellow and aspiring creatives. Along with teaching his passion, his day to day business aims at offering high quality video content, photography, content creation, and editing for individuals and companies locally and worldwide. Four years into his photography journey, Andrew has planted his tripod feet on four continents and over fourteen counties. Although his accomplishments range from various publications to globally sold prints – and even a feature on a beer label – he will be the first to tell you that it is not about the achievements or accolades. In all his travels, he has discovered it is about the experiences in each place, the people you meet along the way, and capturing a moment. Andrew’s true passion lies in creating, whether it is a photo of a beautiful landscape, a compelling video for a brand campaign or teaching workshops.

All photos are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. No reproduction of any kind without prior written permission.

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